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Of Muumuus and Hair Nets

MaxineI don’t know if it’s a seasonal change, phase of the moon or some other ennui I’m going through lately. Or maybe it’s just a normal part of aging.  Regardless I’ve been going through an approximately 10 day period of profound testiness, irascibility, glumness, and a generalized all around refusal to put up with anyone’s bull shyte for any reason what so ever, no exceptions.

When I was single and lived alone it was easy enough to just hide and wait it out. Ah, blessed, blessed solitude, a rare commodity more precious than the Hope Diamond. Not so easy when living with a spouse. If said spouse has not mastered the art of leaving well enough alone and not ask pointed and intrusive questions of a lady in obvious private distress, then said spouse places themselves directly in the line of fire. It is a principle that should be taught in the early years of grade school: Rule Number 1 – don’t piss off a crazy person who is figuratively wielding a battle-axe!

The other day a mental image came of my aunt-in-law, (mother-in-law’s twin sister) walking around after dinner at 6:30 in the evening in a muumuu and a hair net, already ready for bed, and so what I say? Unless you have plans for a night at the Opera, what’s wrong with getting in your jammies early? Mr. Husband made some sort of sarcastic comment to her about it. I didn’t say it the time, but thought, “what business is it of yours how a lady dresses in her own home?” Furthermore your pajamas consist of your birthday suit, and by the way I would prefer that you wear a muumuu. I’m too old for all this unbridled nakedness! I prefer some things to be left to the imagination.

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