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A Night at the Thea-tah

Harland Williams

Last Saturday night found the Hubman and me at the Improv Comedy Theater in Addison. If you go to the early seating and fork over for bar food you get seated right up front, Woo Hoo. I ate way too much fried stuff. Fried chicken strips, fried cheese, onion rings, egg rolls. Top all that off with a Chocolate Martini and I’m surprised my gallbladder didn’t explode out the front of my chest and bounce of the stage.


Harland Fred & MeThe comedian we went to see was Harland Williams. He’s been in a ton of hilarious movies; “Dumb and Dumber”, the lovable horse-killing stoner, Kenny in “Half Baked”, the hitchhiking serial killer in “There’s Something About Mary”, the silent motorcycle stud Slater, in “Superstar”, the goof-ball astronaut Fred Z. Randall in “Rocketman,” the whale-calling Sonar in “Down Periscope”, and Roberta, the ugliest red head in the world in “Sorority Boys.” (bio quote via IMDB.com)

I really enjoy the way he interacts with the audience. It’s one thing to perform rehearsed lines in a movie scene. It’s a whole ‘nother attitude to get out your whip and chair and face down a live audience of tipsy smart alecky Texans. He did a great job of it and we had a great time.

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