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Sense Enough to Come in Out of the Rain


Here in Texas and in the South in general we have a saying “that boy doesn’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain.” Now that it all over but the shouting for Hurricane Irene this phrase comes to mind. The majority of the deaths attributed to Irene were people who displayed the common sense of a muskrat. Maybe less, even rodents know to take cover in a hurricane.

“Hey, the wind died down a bit, I’m going outside to inspect my house.” A tree falls and squish, fatality.

“Hey, I have a great idea. Let’s go drive around in the car. So what if the power is out.” No traffic lights – traffic accident and a child dies.

Why do people do stupid things? Is it the “it won’t happen to me syndrome?” Or is it the news media standing out in the wind a saying “you should stay home. Don’t do what we are doing, do what we say.” Then the camera pans back to a couple of idiots playing in the surf.

I could see how many have an innate reluctance to trust authorities. There are days that I’m convinced that the majority of our representatives in at our state and federal capitols couldn’t find their butt with both hands. The jobless rate is through the roof, but that’s a political hot potato. So, let’s pass ridiculous laws to make it look like we’re doing something.

  • In Florida it is illegal for a man to go out in public in a strapless gown – your tax dollars at work. Frankly my dear, who gives a damn?
  • Also in Florida it is illegal to have sex with a porcupine. I’m sure from the porcupine’s point of view this is a good law.
  • My personal favorite – banning the incandescent light bulb. So stock up. At least we have until 2014 to decide that this is not the best decision every made. The current alternate is bulbs with mercury in them. Don’t want that in the landfill.

When did we stop teaching our kids common sense? Was it was a gradual process where parents began to be afraid to allow children to experience the consequences of their own actions and mistakes? Don’t touch that stove it’s hot. Oh, you touched the stove anyway and burned yourself, it hurts doesn’t it? Now that might entail a visit from child protective services with accusations of child neglect or abuse.

We do something stupid and instead of thinking “wow that was really dumb and I’m in a major pickle.  hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t do that again,” we cry “sue the bastards!”

The theory used to be “stuff happens, get over it!” Now’s it’s “whose fault is it? Who can we blame? ”

It’s all great crucibles of balderdash. In my opinion.

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