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The Final Laps – Big Duh!

Duh! Not getting far with no ID

Duh! Not Getting Far Without ID

Retirement count down 2 days to go. I was feeling all smug, having everything all planned out. Then it occurred to me.  My driver’s license expired last Thursday on my birthday. Duh!

I plan to depart on the train for Seattle next Tuesday. Something tells me that they are not going to let me board with an expired ID.

So tomorrow morning it’s off to renew the license. Sigh. I’ll bring my new Kindle because I will be in line for 3 days. Silly me. I could have done it online, hassle free.

That will teach me to let paperwork pile up on my desk at home. But once I don’t have a work desk it will not be so difficult….I hope.

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