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In Search of a Dongle

bluetooth dongle

bluetooth dongle

Leave to a man to call a little gadget sticking out of the side of a laptop a dongle!  Seriously guys, do you really want to innuendo-ize  a tiny little, easily lost or broken protuberance? Where is your creativity?

There are many parts to a computer that have gender based names. There are male and female cords. If you end up with 2 males or 2 female cords, you have to run to Radio Shack and buy an adapter to change the gender of 1 of the cords so that they can connect.

Yesterday I was searching for a Bluetooth dongle to be specific. I know I have 1 somewhere in my vast collection of gidgets and gadgets. I need this dongle because I bought the cutest little black box speaker that will connect to a computer or phone wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection.

I can play music on my main computer in the office and this lovely little box will stream it anywhere I chose to lurk it within 100 feet. The patio, the bathroom, the roof, the trunk my car, whatever. This gives me the ability to wander about the house and take my music with me. All without having ear buds crammed in my ears.

Unfortunately my main computer does not have blue tooth capability. Hence the need for this stupid dongle. I think it borders on criminal to market a computer as a “high-end gaming computer” and not have bluetooth! It’s outrageous I tell you.

Starting to feel like the princess in the story the Princess and the Pea, here.  She got a rough night’s sleep because she felt a pea under a pile of mattresses. Maybe I’m just too high maintenance. But, so what. I’m on the constant search to make my life more peaceful, beautiful and inspiring. If a dongle is necessary to further this aim then that’s what I will get.

Tech Heaven – The My Book Live

My Book LiveThe Hubman, his friend and I did our usually Friday night frolic of dinner and consumerism. After dinner we went to the computer store to pick up my ailing desktop that has been in the gadget hospital. Turns out it had a defective ram chip which was causing all kinds of wonky hideous glitches and crashes. At one point I had become convinced that it was possessed by the devil and should be tossed into a raging bonfire. But the tech gods fixed it. Yay!

After stashing the computer in the truck we went back inside to scour the store for anything new and interesting or on sale.  We usually scatter and snoop around in our own area of interest.  I stumbled across the My Book Live. The clouds parted and the angels sang. The solution I’ve been looking for!  I’ve been waiting for someone to invent or for me to discover such a device. I had been toying for years the idea of setting up a home media server, but it seemed too complicated to bother with.

The short of it is that I now possess my own personal data cloud. Booyah! It was easy to set up. Pretty much just plug and play. Before I had all my snippets of writing, blog posts, short stories, pictures spread all over 3 computers a Kindle Fire and my iPhone. It was getting quite out of hand and confusing. Now all my stuff is in one location that I can access from or save to the My Book server, no matter what gadget I’m using or where I am. Oh the happiness.

I can also store pictures and movies on it and watch or listen in the living room, out in the back yard, hanging in the closet or luxuriating in the bathtub. For a tech geek like me, it just doesn’t get any better. The My Book with 2 terabytes of storage, which is a lot of space, cost $149 plus tax. Well worth it in my opinion.

EXCLUSIVE: The ’lost’ cell phone project, and the dark things it says about us

EXCLUSIVE: The ’lost’ cell phone project, and the dark things it says about us.

By Bob Sullivan

What would you do if you found a smart phone on the subway or at a coffee shop? If you’re like most Americans, you’d rummage through the phone looking for photos, emails and even private banking information. And the chances are only 50-50 that you would try to return the phone. (more in article above)

phone thief


The good sisters at the  Catholic book store I worked at many years ago used to say “locks only help to keep honest people honest.” They took the line from the Lord’s prayer seriously: “Lead me not into temptation…and deliver us from evil.” Avoiding temptation has pulled my fat from the fire many a time. Of course there are the times that I go looking for temptation, but that’s another story.

I don’t know what I did before I had my handy-dandy Iphone. It runs my life. Reminds me about appointments a day and then an hour in advance. Tells me when to take a pill, turn the water off in the backyard, take the teabags out of the hot water so I don’t over steep the ice tea. The map function is a can’t live without benefit. But I don’t even have the darn thing password protected. Why? Because it’s inconvenient. How lazy is that?

Losing my phone and having my entire life flash before a thief’s eyes is way more inconvenient.  The article above has led to me rethink my security policy. My little helper now has a pass code with the “erase all data on phone after 10 failed pass code attempts” featured enabled. This change will also be a kick in the behind to back up my phone on a regular basis. Something I’ve been a tad lax about.

Would I be an honest citizen? I certainly hope so. But I would have to look through the phone to find out who it belongs to. Maybe my phone needs a label on the back or something, just to help an honest person be honest. We all need help now and then.

iPhone 4 – Love and Hate

Iphone 4 MadnessMr.Husband and I finally broke down and got the iPhone 4. I resisted for a long time because I don’t like getting on a bandwagon that everyone else is on. Trouble with that sentiment is that sometimes a lot of people are on that wagon because it’s a great ride. Well I love mine. I made it through the honeymoon phase for almost 48 hours.

Then on this dark day, about 3:00 pm, the hub man asked me to help him sync up the new phone to his truck. That brought the phone romance to a screeching halt. 1st of all I HATE talking to the dashboard of the truck. Unless someone is bleeding to death or the house is on fire, there is no good reason to be blabbing on the phone in the car. Let alone having a freaking teleconference, while flying down the road, with at least one of the participants an unwilling and captive audience.

We share in such fascinating phones calls as “hello mother, we were just at the store and cucumbers were 2 for a dollar. I’ll come over to bring in your mail tomorrow, I hiccupped this morning, and the trash goes out on Sunday.”  His mother is not even remotely feeble-minded. This is just Mr. Husband micro managing. This urgent life altering conversation is going on at 45 miles an hour. It’s make me want to grab the wheel and give a quick jerk into the 1st available telephone pole and then throw the phone into traffic and pray it gets run over. I resist the urge because it’s just too dangerous to use as a melodramatic illustration of my disgust and dissent.  The look on his face alone would almost be worth the risk. Oh God he would be beyond furious. His face would get the nice color of a juicy plump ripe tomato and his eyes would bug out of his head.

To add to the general annoyance,  he is in a snit because I won’t help him hook his phone to the truck.  I’m supposed to help him do something that turns me into a screaming harpy from hell. Where is that logical? He can figure out himself. Look it up on the internet, for Pete’s sake. I’m sure there are hundreds of how tos on that very subject.

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