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Keel Hauling – Is It Legal?

Does this work with out of control grandsons?

No one said it was going to be easy. But darling grandson has gone from Mr. Contrite to Mr. Cocky pants in 5 days. Which leads me to ask the question. Is keel hauling still legal? OK that’s too extreme. What about a light flogging, only 30 or 40 lashes.

The honeymoon is definitely over. Now the hard work begins.  To say I was disappointed and angry is the understatement of the century. I shut myself in the bedroom and cried for a while. Life is never dull. That’s for sure.

Mr. Cocky has been home from the treatment center less than 5 days and now thinks he’s knows it all. I woke up this morning to a messed up house. Soda bottles all over, some spilled on the carpet and hardwood floors. Over flowing ashtray on the patio. A half bottle of vodka gone and a kid passed out on the sofa in his underpants. The house pretty much looked and smelled like the morning after a frat party.

All righty then. I told him to get up and clean up. He pissed and moaned and complained. 2 hours later he was still piddling around and hadn’t cleaned up. Then the excuses started. “My head hurts, I feel sick.” Well yah! And guess what, that’s too bad, get up NOW. I had a come to Jesus talk with him myself. Later this afternoon Mr. Husband had another sit down with him.

We gave him a rope with the booze and he hung himself with it.  So now drinking is off the list of acceptable behaviors in the house. Tomorrow morning it’s off the counselor because he admits, today anyway, that he can’t get clean on his own. Way to many issues going on in that skull of his.

O lord give me strength, and a sense of humor, and the courage to say what I mean and mean what I say.

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