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My Tongue Hurts

FRUSTRATION - Parisian post-punk Album Cover 2006

My tongue hurts and I know exactly why, it’s bitten it clean through. It’s not easy leaving a job under many circumstances, but this one is proving to be a difficult challenge. There is severance pay and a “job completion bonus” dangling at the end of it. And we are reminded daily. Should be glad, but I feel like I’ve been licking a doormat.

I’m getting a little concerned because, for the last few days, everything that happens, including the wind blowing is “my fault.” There isn’t any fault involved really. Got scolded this morning for missing a deadline that hasn’t happened yet, so evidently time travel is now involved. I’m trying to chalk it up to stress on the part of those who are left behind. They have to (or think they have to) put up with the corporate yo-yo for years to come.

As I step away, it becomes clear how dysfunctional our little group had become. It was beyond time to take a big broom and sweep out all the dust or beat someone over the head with it.

Office Blame Game

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