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The Great Escape

I had a hamster as a pet when I was a kid. We had a fairly easy-going relationship. At first I took the “he must remain in his cage” part very seriously. But after a while I began to notice that he didn’t like it very much. I deduced this from the fact that he made frequent jailbreaks. He figured out how to push the tray at the bottom his cage out enough to wiggle through and head for the hills.

I could tell when he was planning to do this because he would fill up his cheeks with seeds just like he was packing an overnight bag. I tried preventing this by putting clothes pins on the tray. He would sit in the corner of his cage with his bags still packed and look at me with his reproachful hamster eyes until I broke down and removed the clothespins. The next morning he’d be gone.

The thing is he never went far. I always knew where he was. He just didn’t like the cage. I could hear him at night scuffling around making his new digs comfortable. I’d look for him in the day time and find him sleeping somewhere. Sometimes in one of my dresser drawers and occasionally he took up residence in my Barbie doll house. I thought that was pretty cool. He even renovated the doll house. He chewed out one of the walls to make chips for a nest.

I put him back in his cage from time to time, but I never locked it. I don’t know why, maybe just to prove to my Mom and siblings that I still had him and to remind him where his food was. I finally just left the door open and he would come for a visit from time to time. This on again off again relationship went on for his natural hamster life of about 2 years. He passed in his sleep and went to hamster heaven.

Hamster Villa

Hamster Villa in France

Being thinking about him lately. He spent his entire life escaping from cages. Sometimes I feel like that too. Some of the cages I’ve put myself in. Others I just sort of wandered in as if I were sleep walking. I can usually tell when I stumbled into one accidentally because I start having weird dreams about it.

Going to try a new tactic this time. I should be able to at least plan as much as a hamster can, so I’m going to plan my next trip starting now. Vanity alone will prevent me from leaving the house with nothing but my cheeks stuffed full of  trail mix. Where I’m going? How long do I want to stay? Should be better than my usual tactic of sitting around stewing until I explode and run screaming into the sunset.

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