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It Only Hurts When I laugh

What a difference a day made
Twenty-four little hours 
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain  

Well I’m back in the saddle today. Took a day off yesterday to take to my bed with the “vapors.” A southern belle term for being overwhelmed. I moped and cried on and off, had some bouts of self pity of the “why me lord” variety, panic, the whole gamut of freak outedness. Fortunately I’m pretty resilient and bounce back rapidly.

So today is a new day. A fresh start. The birds are singing, the sky is blue. I’m going to do grandma stuff while grandson is in the treatment center. It will keep me busy so I don’t fret so much. Wash his clothes. Move some stuff around in the den to give him a little niche so he feels more at home.

Maybe even crochet him a baby blanket. He’s not a baby anymore, but it will give me something to do 🙂 When I’m done with it there will always be a handy baby somewhere to give it too. Life and love goes on.

Mr. Husband has been my rock. He hugs me, strokes me hair, and says “we’ll get through” this. After 7 years I’m starting to believe him.

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