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Unplugging is a Good Thing

On this chick trip I just returned from I brought a few gadgets with me; a laptop, Kindle and cell phone. I thought for sure that I would need or want to use the laptop at least once during the trip, but I was wrong. It stayed in my carry-on the entire trip; I never touched it or even thought about it. I did read my Kindle a bit the first day we got to the condo. But after watching the ocean for a few hours it ended up forgotten on the night stand and I didn’t read again for the rest of the time we were there.

I did use the cell phone to phone home to Mr. Husband every day or 2 so I kept it charged. Its main use was to look up possible restaurants on Urban Spoon. It’s a handy little app that uses your GPS location as a basis to find restaurants and has ratings, reviews, menus, etc.

sunset people watching

Sunset People Watching

We ate a lot of seafood, of course, being on the Gulf Coast of Florida. We had to be a bit choosy however since 1 person in our party doesn’t like fish. There were usually enough salad and meat options to keep her happy. We also had a lot of fun people watching at bars while watching the sunset. Some people really cut loose at the beach after a few brewskies. There was rather intoxicated woman who was having so much fun dancing with herself that people were filming her. Oh my, not really a G rated show. All that was missing was a stripper’s pole.

After finishing the people watching we decided to head to the Candy Kitchen for ice cream. It’s been there in Madeira Beach forever or at least 40 years. It has wild and crazy ice cream concoctions of course. But the most fun was browsing all the vintage candies; gum balls the size of baseballs, those little wax coke bottles with sugar syrup, candy cigarettes, wax lips, candy necklaces. I’ve never seen so many varieties of candy in my life. It was a fun blast from the past.

Candy Kitchen

Candy Kitchen

I hadn’t really planned to formally unplug – it just sort of happened. I did have a bit of bloggers guilt about the 3rd day I was there. I should write someone right? That’s was bloggers do. But I was too busy having a vacation and doing nothing in particular except exactly what I felt like doing at the moment, so blogging fell by the wayside.

The end result was a glorious feeling of total relaxation. I didn’t realize that I had much of anything to relax from, but it still happened and it was wonderful. So let it be written – so let it be done.

EXCLUSIVE: The ’lost’ cell phone project, and the dark things it says about us

EXCLUSIVE: The ’lost’ cell phone project, and the dark things it says about us.

By Bob Sullivan

What would you do if you found a smart phone on the subway or at a coffee shop? If you’re like most Americans, you’d rummage through the phone looking for photos, emails and even private banking information. And the chances are only 50-50 that you would try to return the phone. (more in article above)

phone thief


The good sisters at the  Catholic book store I worked at many years ago used to say “locks only help to keep honest people honest.” They took the line from the Lord’s prayer seriously: “Lead me not into temptation…and deliver us from evil.” Avoiding temptation has pulled my fat from the fire many a time. Of course there are the times that I go looking for temptation, but that’s another story.

I don’t know what I did before I had my handy-dandy Iphone. It runs my life. Reminds me about appointments a day and then an hour in advance. Tells me when to take a pill, turn the water off in the backyard, take the teabags out of the hot water so I don’t over steep the ice tea. The map function is a can’t live without benefit. But I don’t even have the darn thing password protected. Why? Because it’s inconvenient. How lazy is that?

Losing my phone and having my entire life flash before a thief’s eyes is way more inconvenient.  The article above has led to me rethink my security policy. My little helper now has a pass code with the “erase all data on phone after 10 failed pass code attempts” featured enabled. This change will also be a kick in the behind to back up my phone on a regular basis. Something I’ve been a tad lax about.

Would I be an honest citizen? I certainly hope so. But I would have to look through the phone to find out who it belongs to. Maybe my phone needs a label on the back or something, just to help an honest person be honest. We all need help now and then.

Retired/Outsourced -1 month 3 weeks 1 day To Go

Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe

As my days count down here at this job, I’m caught between to worlds and it feels stranger with each passing day. Hard to stay focused. My spirit has left this 9-5 world behind, but my body is still here. Seeing the whole scene through a pane of glass. I look around at my office surroundings, read the deluge of emails, all marked urgent. I just don’t feel urgent. I see people scurrying around at top speed, yapping on their cell phones, sitting in conference rooms watching presentations. Why did any of this matter to me at all? Is it one of those falsehoods that you have to believe so you won’t go crazy from decades of pretending?

driving with feet

If You Did This Would You Brag About It?

Driving to work this morning was an experience. Everyone is zipping in and out of traffic, tailgating, putting on makeup and shaving at 70 mph. Is their life really worth that risk? Maybe not to them. Evidenced by this picture ——————>                               Would you post this on the web if you did this? ***rolls eyes*** My husband would probably break my arm trying to stop me from calling highway patrol.

Does being busy make you important? Does being not busy make you useless?  I’ve been torturing myself with all kinds of doubts. However, this morning the lilies spoke to me. No, not the lilies in the yard, I’m not completely bonkers. Part of the Sermon on the Mount came to mind. This is surprising because I didn’t realize I ever paid attention in Sunday school.

So why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

Must Stay Busy

I used to wonder about this. It didn’t make sense to me. My grandmother believed that you had to work hard every minute of the day be worthy of love or even existing on the planet. It made her crazy if I sat there for even a few minutes and daydreamed. “Idle hands are the Devil’s Workshop” and all that rot.

Now I can see that I was concentrating on the toil and spin part instead of the why do you worry part. I don’t think Mr. Husband is going to toss me out in the street. Sure, it’s wonderful to contribute something of ourselves to the world. However, I believe that there are many ways to be useful that don’t involve punching a clock.

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