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What a Year it’s Been

On December 23rd in the year of our Lord 2010 I posted my first ever blog post. It was the first step to the wildest ride of my life. I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon! It started out as a chronicle of my road to involuntary retirement. But that was only the beginning. I learned a lot this first year about blogging and writing. The WordPress community is full of friendly and supportive people. I was honored with a Freshly Pressed in January 2011, and received a several nominations for Versatile Blogger. One of the many things I want to do in 2012 is get of my behind and give back via nominations to bloggers and commentors who inspire and encourage me.

January through April of 2011 was the last four months of my job. Marking time, waiting for it to be over. There wasn’t much to do those last 4 months. Many of my posts during those months were written at work. All I had to do all day was sat at my computer and bang away. Nobody asked what I was doing because it didn’t matter a whole lot. On my last day at work I threw my stuff in the car and left. That was that. I don’t miss it. Really, I don’t.

Immediately I took off on a train trip to Seattle with my Mom and sister. That was a hoot and a half and fodder for many posts. Then came the long summer of my discontent. What to do with myself. What to do… 40 years of the 9 to 5 fried my mischief bone and I had no clue how to go on. Still wrestling with that one.

The Cosmos handed me a project in the form of a 23-year-old grandson who came to live with us. He was in trouble with substance abuse. He stayed here for 3 months.  Mr. Husband and I put 30 pounds on the kid. He was an interesting and expensive pass time. While he was here I took him to every doctor in the Dallas Fort Worth area. At least that’s what it seemed like. The diagnosis was he was as healthy as a horse.

September found me on a road trip with my mother. We went to Yellowstone National Park, and Mt. Rushmore. We had a blast. And Mom and I hadn’t spent time alone like that since….well never. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I took temporary leave of my sanity November and decided to join the NaNoWriMo challenge for National Novel Writing Month. My novel turned out to be too much like a memoir and I practically had nervous breakdown in the process. I don’t recommend a 30 day forced march through one’s psyche and past. It’s no wonder they stress that a novel is supposed to be FICTION. I’m still working on my book but, it will be nothing like it started out to be.

And now here we are on the last day of December. I made it through the holiday season with nothing worse that a head cold. I hope everyone out there in Blogolopolis had a wonderful season. I also wish us all a wonderful 2012 full of new horizons and exciting adventures.

Happy New Year and big hugs and kisses to one and all.

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There’s No Place Like Home

Great Camping Trip of 2011

There’s no place like home and I’m might glad to be back there. I missed Mr. Husband and our huge hot shower. But, don’t get me wrong we had a fabulous time.

The round trip took 2 weeks and covered 4,300 miles including a stop off in New Orleans to drop off my mother and backtrack home to Dallas. Mom is 72 but still ever ready to take off on an adventure. We fell into a groove after a day or two and everything was grand. We saw more different types of mountains, hills, rock formations, lava flows, flat lands, deserts, hay and dirt that we imagined possible. The people we encountered were every bit as varied.

In Colorado and the Dakotas I never felt like more of a city slicker and flat lander. We toodled around in my Ford Crossover like we had good sense. Surrounded by huge 18 wheel trucks, 4 wheel drive jeeps, RVs the size of small hotels, and hard-core  motor cyclists, we felt out-of-place occasionally, but hey, this is our adventure and we stuck to it!  The one thing we all had in common was that we were out on the road seeing the country and all its amazing sights, natural beauty and glory.

On one stretch of desolate South Dakota road my mother announced the she had no idea that the U.S. had such vast stretches of nothingness in the middle of it. I told her “wait til you get to Kansas.” No offense to Kansasians, but come on,  driving through after harvest time there is nothing but hundreds of miles of dried up corn stalks or dirt. But I do thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for popcorn and cornbread.

Our main scenic destination as Yellowstone National Park. The first national park anywhere in the world, by the way. It was incredible and deserves posts and posts all to itself, which I will do. Then we went to see Mt. Rushmore. Another wonderful feast for the eyes.It’s amazing what men can do when they set their mind to it. Mr. Husband sometimes acts like opening a can will take every ounce of strength and fortitude that he can muster. Maybe he just needs a bigger project? Or the right inspiration. I bet he could have a 300 foot high paper mache statue of former presidents Reagan and Bush built on our front lawn by next weekend if he decided too. Ah patriotism and the human spirit.

But anyway, it’s good to be home and get a big hug from the hub-man. It’s nice to know I am loved and missed. After I vegetate for a few days, I will look over my notes and pictures and reconstruct the trip in a little more detail. Hugs to all.

Mt Rushmore and the Franklin Stove

Mt Rushmore on a Foggy Day

I have decided that I’m not an connoisseur of the Franklin Stove. It takes, 57 years to get it going, then it heats up the room to the point where you get dizzy if you get off the floor. Assuming you can get off the floor after hufffing and puffing to tease the fragile little flame into fruition. Afterwards you have to feed the beast constantly. And just the right amount – too much and your sinuses turn into an internal version of the Black Hills of South Dakota. Too little and it peters out, requiring you to start the whole process over again, using furniture for kindling. To hell with it! They can just add it to my bill.

The furniture was probably just as fire proof as the fire wood. Good thing I didn’t actually try it. Just don’t understand why we are having so much trouble with fires this trip. Complete idiots accidentally burn down entire neighborhoods every day and we spend 3 hours trying whip up a flame that may be big enough to warm a marshmallow but not actually toast it. I am humbled. Thank God I brought my trusty camp stove along. A hot cup of coffee makes just about any indignity bearable.

Profile of Washington

We gave up the stove finally, packed up and headed for Mt. Rushmore. It was foggy and we were afraid they would not be visible. We made in time. We had lunch in the restaurant looking right out on the monument. An incredible view. Didn’t look anything like I expected. The rock they were carved out was a soft rock that made them look very peaceful and gentle. A somber experience, but they didn’t look like cold statues, but instead they look like real men, our founding fathers. An incredible accomplishment for the creators of this national monument.

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