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Does Our Right to Life Cease at Birth?

If I should take a notion to jump into the ocean
Ain’t nobody’s business if I do. Billy Holiday

Follow the rules. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t ever think of yourself, only of others. Stay the course. Follow the mainstream. Work all your life only to retire and then spend the rest of your days in frantic search of some way to serve others, whether they want it or not. Think only the good of the collective we, even if you don’t quite understand who the we is.

Don’t ask questions. Never question authority. Never think of yourself or for yourself, this is the ultimate evil…so we are told. Believe what “they” say even if it doesn’t make any kind of logical sense. Who are we to struggle to understand the un-understandable? Let someone else do your thinking for you. Leave it to the experts. Let others tell you what to think and how to live. What right does one man or woman have to think that their individual silly little opinion matters? Spend every penny of someone else’s money for the collective good of humanity.

What trips me up is that often the very same kind of people who champion the right to life of an embryo will turn on you in a heartbeat if you assert your “right to life” after you are born. By right to life in this instance I mean the right to live my life in the manner of my own choosing. I am NOT asserting that it is anyone else’s responsibility to provide me with anything.

I’m on a rant today about the increasing amount of nanny laws that the some members of government are imposing on us…the USA…an allegedly free country. MY MONEY (taxes) is used to impose laws that are ridiculous, and let’s just call it what it is. They have no damned right to do it! Thou shalt not…smoke cigarettes, eat trans-fat, supersize thy soft drink, drink alcohol (oh wait, now it’s supposed to be good for us to drink in moderation) eat too much sugar, or park the “wrong” way in front of my own house.

I can see where some of this is coming from. Since 55% of our U.S. population is asserting that is a basic human right to have free healthcare, free running water, free heat, free everything, of course we should step in and tell people how to live. I don’t know what they are teaching kids in school today, but I’d bet money that no one tells them that there is no such thing as a free lunch. After all, someone is actually footing the bill – the ever shrinking percentage of people who are required to pay taxes. The funny part is that the part of the population that is paying for this “free” ride does not want this never ending stream of gratuitous and idiotic laws passed in the first place.

In my opinion there is a very small distinction between an armed robber and tax man. The robber says “give me all your money.” The tax man says “give me half you money…every day.” And if you have the unmitigated gall to make more money then you have to give me even more of your money…every day. If you don’t you’ll go to prison. Quite frankly, I’d rather get robbed; at least it’s over and done with. Furthermore, if I manage to elude the robber, they can’t take me to court and steal everything I own because I didn’t fork over my wallet.

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