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Storytelling Vs Journaling – The Razor Thin Line

confused & bewildered

Not everything I write in a notebook is true. Far from it. I have this nagging fear that if someone was rude enough to rifle through my books that I would be declared insane. Or at the very least profoundly disturbed. I need to bring some rudimentary organization to my writing efforts. There are numerous notebooks scattered around the house. Mixed in to every notebook is day-to-day journaling, memoir style snippets, and some just out-and-out total fiction. It’s getting confusing even for me.

The urgent need to write comes over me no matter where I am or what I’m doing. The problem is compounded the fact that I like to minimize and not carry around huge bags big enough for a notebook. So now I have a collection of small notebooks with more snippets strung between different purses and backpacks for those times when I absolutely must commit something to paper before I burst a vein.

It doesn’t help that I have the memory span of a gnat. A fabulous idea, in my opinion, comes to me and I forget it before I find a notebook to write it down. Maybe I should string a small notebook and hang it around my neck.

Another thing I need to do before my head explodes is hook up with other fiction writers. I have questions. LOTS of questions. Is it normal to have multiple story lines floating around in ones cranium the same time? What do you do if this is the case? The old orderliness rule that I’m not very good at following says finish one thing before you start another. Not my forte.

I also have a different story cruising along in another box in my brain that keeps switching time periods. Maybe I should stop fighting it and meld it into part of the plot? Sigh. Like I said, I have lots of questions.

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