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Thanks for the Memories

Photo Credit: Miro42 @ Flickr

Today is my last day here at the Corporation. It’s been a great run. In these years I’ve met loads of special people who are like family to me now.

We spent most of our waking hours together through good times, stressful times, good weather, bad weather, births of children and grandchildren, caring for loved ones, happy hours, deaths in our families, tantrums, and silliness.

Through all of it, the show went on. I was amazed on a daily basis by the determination, stamina, and sheer will power to get the job done that you all have.

We all stood up for each other and put up with each other on a daily basis. In between all the hard work and tedium we shared our lives.

I just want to say “Thanks for the Memories.”

A Song dedicated to you all: Danke Shoen

Wishful Wednesday – 2 Days to Go

Collaberative Workspace

Count down to retirement – 2 days. Today I was looking around the huge room I’m sitting in. Once our group is gone, they are going to cram 3 times as many people in here as there ware before.

To save money, the corporation must reduce the “footprint” of each employee. Sounds suspiciously like foot binding to me! The average space in a jail cell is 6ft x 8ft. The average cube is 4ft x 6ft and shrinking. So if we get thrown in, jail we will have more room to wiggle in and 3 meals provided. Slightly less freedom. Don’t really want to compare it first hand though.

Now I understand that corporations need to be cutting edge, competitive, yada yada. But give me a break. This not some ground breaking, brilliant idea. It’s been done before. Attention Big Wigs, we’ll deal with it. Just don’t expect us to buy the horse poop about cramped quarters leading to collaboration, enhance the sharing of ideas, and so on. All it does allow you to know far more about the people sitting behind you and front of you then you ever wanted to know.

Speaking of the people. I had to choke back the water works today. I felt tears trying to well up about leaving all the girlfriends.I’ll still see them, but not everyday. Once I start hugging, it’s all over. I’ve decided that I’m not gonna give myself a stroke trying not to cry. If I do, so what? I enjoy being a girl. It’s my God-given right to boo hoo when the occasion calls for it.

My Last Manic Monday

This is my last Monday on the Corporate Merry Go Round. Yee Haa! Probably won’t have a chance to get bored, so this picture is really a joke. I would never burn someone’s house down…on purpose. No really, I swear on my mother’s grave. Oh wait, my mother is alive. Ok well I wouldn’t anyway, you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

Had to drag myself out of bed by my hair this morning. Cool and rainy morning, a perfect day to stay in bed. But, must show up at work, go that last mile, tote that last bale, dig that last ditch…zzzz. Woops, dozed off there.

I caught a good wind over the weekend. Purchased some flowers for the pots out on the patio and actually planted them. Absolutely amazing. Last year I bought them and they died on the patio from heat stroke before I planted them. It was a rough summer.

Feeling a bit better about the actual act of not going to work. It occurred to me that because I was the oldest of 6 kids and a single mother at 17, my entire teen and adult life has been about bringing home the bacon. Taking care of people, kids, making money, making sure that everything for every one is taken care of because no one else is going to do it. I don’t know how to be any other way.

Now I know Mr. Husband is scratching his head in puzzlement. Huh, you seem to be quite ok with vegetating for days on end. A good imitation of a Boa Constrictor sleeping of that snack of an entire wild boar a week ago. Well Mr. Husband, you didn’t see the 48 years of my life before you met me. So there! I didn’t materialize on your doorstep out of nothingness 7 years ago. Not only that. It’s a full time job being your wife! I’d like for it to be my only job. I will enjoy.

Time to Retire?

If you find yourself hallucinating, is this a sign that it’s time to retire? Walking to the water machine at the office this morning I glanced at a conference room. There was a guy in there wearing a suit and working away on a laptop. I swear he is no more than 12 years old. I don’t think he even shaves yet.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.

It is the holiday between Christmas and New Year. Maybe he’s someone’s kid. I walked back and looked again. The kid is wearing a tie and there’s a cell phone on the table by his briefcase.  None of these guarantees he’s an adult accept the suit. A twelve year old would be texting away and the crotch of his pants would be down around his knees. Well maybe. Do I even know anymore? Oh my God. What is happening to me? Am I slipping into advanced Geezerdom? I hope there is a treatment for it.

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