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A Road Trip is Forming in My Brain

Little Shop Road Trip Mac Game - Free Little Shop Road Trip Game for Mac DownloadsI’ve been fretting and stewing here in Big D for months about what will the next logical escape should be. Then it hit me. A road trip! Don’t need to worry about a passport or plane tickets. Yee haa.

Mr. Grandson has  to go up to New England for Guard Duty next month. I have been wanting to go somewhere…anywhere. Eureka! I will drive him there. A mere 1,900 mile trip. A walk in the park on a sunny day. I can’t wait to go now. I may even start packing.

Need to get a tent. Don’t have one yet. I want one of those that you just throw it up in the air and it explodes and turns into a fully assembled casbah, complete with a sofa, satellite TV, wet bar, disco ball and hot tub. Just kidding, but I do want to get a tent. Probably would be nice to get something to sleep on.

I have family strewn all over the North East so it will be fun to catch up with them.

Haven’t been camping in more years than I can count. So I’m excited. Going to the bookstore today to get some books on national parks.

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