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Back From Chicago – There’s No Place Like Home

Hubman and Me

Hubman and Me at “The Bean” in Chicago

Mr. Husband and I just got home from a much needed vacation. It was the first time the Hubman went to Chicago. For some reason I thought he’d been there before. We had a great time and walked our feet off. Hub was recuperating from a cold but still managed to drag himself all over the city with us.

Open Mike Night

Mom at Open Mike Night

Our gracious host who is Mom’s longtime friend showed us around town. It was a lot easier and so much more fun than wandering around with a map and lost look.

On the second night there we went to a bar called the Red Line Tap for open mike night. The picture to the left is Mom doing her gig there.  They know her by now because she’s been going there for about a year now whenever she gets up to Chicago. The lady who runs the place gave her a big hug and made an effort to put her in the line up fairly early in the evening so we didn’t have to stay until the wee hours for her turn to come up.

Route 66

We also went to the Museum of Art and the Museum of Science and Industry.  We got in to see the U505 exhibit. It is a tour of a German submarine captured in WWII. What a trip. I don’t not want to imagine what it was like to be cooped up in an underwater tin can for 90 days with 60 men, 1 toilet and no shower. I guess in times of war you gotta do what you gotta do. I probably would have asked them to just shoot me out of a torpedo tube and be done with it.

When we left the Art Museum we headed to the Russian Tea Room which is right past the sign that indicates that it is the location of the start of the famous Route 66. Yummy, the tea service there is out of this world. We got a 3 level plate of finger sandwiches and sweets that is to die for, along with the Russian tea of course. After that we went to a restaurant and bar that holds the 1st liquor license granted in Chicago after prohibition,

Liquor License #1

1st Liquor License in Chicago after Prohibition

Chicago Museum of Art

Chicago Museum of Art

Mom headed home on Friday because she didn’t want to Halloween in New Orleans. We stayed on with her friend. Thank God we did. We had been in a hotel but had to leave Saturday because the hotel was booked solid. I was extremely grateful to be in a home of a friend rather than a hotel at that point because the temperature dropped into the 30s so it was way cold and windy. They’re not joking when they call Chicago the windy city.

Mom & Gentleman Friend

Mom & Gentleman Friend

Chicago Neighborhood

Chicago Neighborhood

So now we’re home and there’s no place like it. I love to travel more than anything else in the world and getting home is part of the joy. My own bed, my own shower, I can sling my stuff everywhere. I don’t need a map to find my way to the corner and back. Now I can kick back and plan the next trip. 

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