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Shave and a Haircut – Huge Difference


Grandson showed up with his clothes in duffel bag. No razor. So I gave him one of my girly disposables and he got rid of his beard. He nicked himself up pretty good doing it, my razors are no match for a man’s face. But I’m proud that he gave it a shot.

Mr. Husband and he made a trip to Home Depot. Going to get him busy right away doing some painting around the house. He came back with a haircut. Woo hoo! Progress. He even hitched up his pants. I didn’t say a word about the paints or his hair either. It was Hub-man’s idea for the haircut. Glad I kept out of it.

We had “the talk” this morning. I let Mr. Husband do most of the talking. Starting Monday is the job hunt. No drugs or hanging from the ceiling fan by his toes, no smoking in the house. Pick up after himself. All I added was that he was not allowed to be hungry in our home. Meaning eat when he was hungry. And do whatever grandmother asked him to do, of course  🙂

He’s such a sweet guy. And it’s a kick to see things from a whole different young guy perspective. I’m trying not to smother him yet. But I keep wanting to hug him.

Tomorrow morning it will be time to fire up the weed whacker for a little yard work so I don’t spoil him too much.

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