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In a New York Second – Everything Can Change

Tornado dallas 5-15-13 North Texas had an unusually mild spring this year so far. Mother Nature noticed the oversight and decided to make up for lost time last night.

Tornado dallas 5-15-136 of us went out to a fawncy restaurant to celebrate my Mother-in-law’s 80th birthday. During the meal I could see a reflection of trees whipping around in a mirror across the room. The trees were not just blowing in one direction; they were whipping around like they were in a washing machine. That is never a good sign.

I started to get antsy but kept telling myself that it was just because I was with the in-laws. I even ordered a second gin & tonic which is unusual for me when dining with them. A little after 8:00 pm we stood outside saying our goodbyes. The wind came up and we were all standing there with our hair peaking up on top of our head like we were in a wind tunnel.

For the ride home we watched an impressive light show to the south, all kinds of spectacular but unusual strikes. Some that branched out horizontally across the sky. Others hit the ground and the rays were so wide it looked fake. Someone was photo shopping Mother Nature.

Granbury HailAt home I was in a semi undressed state and Mr. Husband was without apparel when he came running out of the bedroom yelling “the sirens are going off.” I was in a sort of stupor and asked “what sirens?” He answered “the tornado sirens,” for once not rolling his eyes and giving me that “Well duh” look he excels in. I don’t know how he always hears them and I don’t. Must have been that 20 years of working in bars with music loud enough to rattle the fillings out of your teeth.

Of course a sort controlled pandemonium ensued. Where are the pets? Are they inside? Mr. Husband put some clothes on. He tends to respond to panic by dressing. I don’t blame him. If a tornado hits I don’t want to end up getting fished out of the rubble in my birthday suit. I grabbed my 2 most valuable possessions – my purse and laptop and put them in a handy place in case I had to grab them and take shelter.

Fortunately for us, but not so fortunate for those in the path of the tornado, it touched down south of Dallas in the Granbury area. Storm spotters said the tornado became huge with a mile wide funnel on the ground at one point, a real wrath of God type scenario. Some people reported hail the size of grapefruits. A chunk of ice that big could come crashing right through your roof and land on your coffee table.

granbury damage

This morning the news is reporting 12 dead and hundreds injured. The response of people rushing to help those who have lost everything but the clothes on their back is heartwarming.

This kind of disaster always reminds me that life is short. Grab it where you can and don’t waste time sitting around bemoaning your lot in life because it could get a hell of a lot worse in the blink of an eye.

Shoot Me a One Liner – Please :)

I have a request to all you zazzy readers that visit my little corner of cyberspace.

I love, love, love to take one liners and turn them into short stories or flash fiction. It’s so much fun that it might be illegal.

An example of a starter could be something like “It was a dark and stormy night.” or “She knew she should have looked through the peep-hole before opening the door.” or “Mama told me not to come.”  or “I knew I should asked for ID before I pulled that trigger.” That is the good stuff. Your one line can be morbid, silly, provocative, horrifying, philosophical, or anything else you may think of – whatever blows your kilt or skirt up.

If any one you would like to shoot me a one line story starter or even 2 lines just plop it in the comment section. That would be so great. I’ll have a blast with it. I’ll credit you for your contribution, of course.

If I end up with a collection of short stories I will do a poll to see which story was the most popular. The person who helped me by sending a one liner that helped create the best story will receive a brand new shiny unopened iPod shuffle. Your choice of pink of blue.

So if you’re in the mood get cracking, the time is ripe because I’m a major roll with writing lately. A veritable fountain of inanities come to mind at odd times.

Thank in advance all you fabulous readers. I hope to hear from you soon 🙂 My fingers are twitching and I’m ready to rock.

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