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Don’t Snort Spraypaint

photo @ new-graffiti.blogspot.com

Saturday was a slow day here at Casa Le Wacko. So we snorted spray paint. Not on purpose of course, by accident. But it led to an almost out-of-body experience.

The good news is that my office is finally finished. All shiny clean and repainted courtesy of Grandson. Trying to keep him busy, Mr. Husband gave him a new task. Repaint the iron patio furniture. We have company coming for the 4th and he thought shiny repainted patio furniture was just the thing.

During the afternoon I started feeling heavy-headed and stopped up. When my lips started tingling it was time to go outside and contemplate this situation. What did I discover? Grandson spraying the chairs a mere 6 feet away from the air-con unit. In the sunlight I saw that all the fumes, excess paint, etc. was sucking right into the unit and thus into the house. Oh good grief! Also the grass is covered with black splotches. It will grow back and so will my lung, sinus and brain tissue. It’s a good theory anyway.

What occurred to me in the ensuing delirium was this. Whenever you think you are going to teach someone they end up teaching you. This is the way of the cosmos. Grandson is a little microcosm of attention ending at the end of ones nose. He was painting away for hours and didn’t notice what was happening around him.

head in the sand sign

A real world, tangible example of not noticing how action or inaction effect others. He’s been like the proverbial bull in a china shop. He thinks he knows all, but doesn’t even know his own strength. He broke a leg off a dresser in my office. Woopsie. Well now he has learned how to repair furniture. Gouged a dent in a kitchen cabinet, it goes on. The results of a giant child man living in our house.

Grandson won’t pick up a straw off a restaurant table to put in his tea because the table might have germs. But he will sit on the floor in the kitchen next to the cat litter box and make a sandwich – on the floor. I yanked him up short on that one. Not in a graceful loving grandmotherly tone of voice either. More of a “get your lazy ass and my lunch meat up offa that nasty floor NOW!”

He boasts about how he takes care of his body, no salt, no junk food, and so on. As opposed to Mr. Husband and I who sully ourselves with impure foods. We even eat packaged ramen noodles on occasion. Oh the horror! Let’s just not mention all the pharmaceutical poisons he used these last few years.

So what am I learning from him? Patience, rely even more heavily on a sense of humor. There is more than one way to do something. However, all ways are not equally effective and some are more damaging to the surroundings than others. Pay attention to what you are doing at the moment. This is stuff you don’t learn in school. A free education. I like free.

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