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Rediscover Writing

Rediscovery @www.ecofriend.com

I only speak when I have something to say. But, when I have something to say, I talk a LOT. If I go for long time without talking Mr. Husband gets nervous and asks me if something is wrong. Is it a non optional social convention to speak to someone on a regular basis if you’re living in the same house? I guess it is.

Growing up in a non-traditional household with many siblings allows more privacy of thought. And perhaps more eccentricities to develop. I could go days without talking and my mother, busy with 4 other siblings was too busy to notice. When I did have something to say it had to be short, sweet and to the point or her attention would start to wander. The loud bangs, occasional screams, smell of something burning perhaps, thundering that sounded like a herd of buffalo running through the living room, and all the other distractions of a house full of wild children do that to a parent.

I discovered then and rediscovered recently that if I put my thoughts and wild fantasies down on paper, I can talk as much as I want without driving someone nuts. Unless they sign up for it by reading the story. Recently hodge-podged a mini book of a work in progress, converted it to an eReader format and put it in my Kindle. I sat down to read it with a cup of coffee. Surprised, I got wrapped up in the story and was disappointed when it ended abruptly. Putting it aside, I had then one of those Eureka/Duh moments. I can take this adventure anywhere I want it to go because I am the one calling the shots. That is to cool. Such elegant simplicity. I feel like I discovered fire or the wheel.

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