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Lava Brain Syndrome

I seem to have a serious case of Lava Brain Syndrome. The old brain is just flapping in the doldrums. Doesn’t seem like it should be the case because my house is air-conditioned. It was 110 degrees here in Dallas today, a record high for this date. Walking outside feels like sticking your head in an oven, minus the gas of course. Can’t even imagine how people work outside in this heat. Maybe you get used to it, but I don’t see it.


This post petered out yesterday, but now in the early morning “coolness” I realize that, although intense, the heat is not what is bothering me. I’m paralyzed with concern, fear, and just good old-fashioned fretting.

Mr. Grandson came to stay with us 2 months ago to “get his life together.” But, he has National Guard duty so he has to go back to his old stomping grounds for 4 days. I take him to the airport tomorrow morning. He’s come a long way in these 2 months, but he has a way to go.

I’m terrified that he will fall in with old friends and old habits thinking “it’s only for a day or 2” and get himself in a world of trouble. I’m scared that he’ll decide that he’s had enough of the iron fist of Grandma and decide he can do it on his own. I’m even scared that he will come back after all, as much as I love him 🙂

Either way I’m a nervous wreck. It’s a darn good thing I didn’t know grandchildren give you gray hair or I would have never even had kids. Funny how the universe works.

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