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Big Tex Burns

Big Tex Burns « 100.3 Jack FM – Dallas, TX.

Big Tex burned to the ground this morning at the fair grounds. Why a burning statue fills me with sadness I don’t know, but it does. He’s been there welcoming us to the State Fair of Texas for 60 years. Also today bomb threats were called into a local college as well as a popular shopping mall. I don’t know what to say. Sometimes people just be crazy 🙁

Big Tex last Thursday

Big Tex Today 10-19-2012

Update on the Mobile Insane Asylum

entertainment center on wheels

I try very hard not to complain, but only seldom succeed. I don’t intend to complain for the next 15 minutes or so. Maybe avoiding it in small increments will make me stronger.

Lately I’ve been smacking myself around and comparing myself to Paris Hilton whining about the color of her dog clashing with the color of the purse said dog is in. Don’t know if she actually did that, but it sounds like something she would do and I’m trying to make a point here. The problem is I forgot what the point was.

Oh yes, the insane asylum on wheels. As mentioned a few weeks ago, the Hubman, Mother-in-Law, and I are driving to from North Texas to Key West, Florida for a family wedding because she refuses to fly there. Ah family weddings, wouldn’t be easier to have one great huge wedding and marry everyone off at once? I think the Moonies had a good thing going there, although most of their beliefs are a bit off the wall, in my opinion anyway. It would be a huge cost savings, and greatly reduced stress level would be only a few on the benefits. But, every Bride wants her day and who I am to differ? In fact, I liked my day so much I did it 3 times.

Mother-in-Law traded in her leased car for a new one in preparation for the trip. She’s been driving a Cadillac sedan. The new one is a the Caddy version of a cross over vehicle. This darn car does everything. It even has its own phone number for crying out loud. Now I have to add accidentally butt dialing her car and having her overhear my conversation with Hubman about her driving me crazy to my list of ridiculous things to worry about. And get this, it has dual Blu-Ray players in the back of the headrests with wireless headphones. How cool is that? Now we’ll be squabbling over who gets to sit in the back seat.

Oh well, as Lily Thomlin once said “mankind invented the spoken word because of his basic inner need to complain.” I consider it my duty to listen to my inner needs.

10 Years Later

camper bike

Just DO it

Times flies by, there’s no escaping it. I read a post this morning by Brian on the Everywhere Once Blog called “7 Lessons From a Year On the Road”. Lesson number one made my hair stand on end.

1)      How easy it is to not follow your dreams. Inertia is an incredibly powerful force. It’s far easier to follow a routine, even a hated one, than it is to do something risky, unfamiliar, and meaningfully different.

Yikes! Self-examination gives me indigestion. It occurs to me that I’ve turned go with the flow into an art form and an EXCUSE. When I talk to Mr. Husband about something I want to do or a dream, his standard answer is “we can’t afford that now, or well someday…maybe….” So I let it ride. I stuff it back in my head and think of it no more, cause I’m a right now kind of gal.  Maybe that’s why I have so many headaches. Too many unrealized wishes stuffed in there. My head is going to explode. He says he wants to travel and we will, at some point. Well, it’s been 10 years now and I’m still waiting. ***taps foot, with hand on hip***

camper limo

Now we’re talking

Perhaps I have not made myself clear, to myself or him. When I say travel, I don’t mean some huge herculean effort and a whirlwind exhausting effort to cram eleventy seven activities into a week at an outrageously expensive resort that takes 2 weeks to recuperate from and a year and a half to pay for. I mean hit the road and live on the road at a leisurely pace. This might include mundane things like drinking beer at a laundry mat while waiting for your clothes to dry. Or spending a whole day reading a book in the shade with not a thing on the agenda but relaxing. You can’t do that on a “vacation.”

I want to spend a good part of a summer somewhere in the great northern half of the United States or Canada. Mr. Husband still does not have a passport, just for the record. (10 years later) Why spend an entire summer in Texas where it gets so hot that it melts the cornea off your eyeballs on brief trip from the front door and the mailbox? There is absolutely not one damn thing we need to do that requires us to be here all summer. Everything single thing that Mr. Husband does for his business can be done elsewhere. He could run his entire show from a coffee shop in Shri Lanka if he so chooses.

camper car

hmmm….Maybe not.

But, nOOOooooaOOo, we must remain…in…this…house…because that is what respectable conservative people do…in his reality. Sometimes I feel like a hostage. We have plenty of money right this minute. But almost every last penny of it is committed to the purchase and upkeep of things we don’t need, have no place to store, and services we don’t use.

We have the most expensive Direct TV package that it is possible to have. All the sports add ons. Every movie channel. Do we need that? Hell no. Do we even use it? Again, NO. Any movie worth watching we already saw at the movie theatre and probably have on Blu-ray. The sports channel? Ahem, that’s touchy territory for Mr. Sports fan. But let me tell what really goes on in this house. Hubman turns on the game on the big screen. Then he goes in his office – shuts the door – and listens to the game on the radio while playing on the computer.

Getting rid of the TV package alone would make a payment on an RV. I know, I checked! Then there is the 80 zillion dollar utility bill for the air-con. Granted that is important if you stay in the house for 3 months. What I can’t seem to get through to Mr. Hub is that if you keep the air-con turned down to zizz, it just seems that much hotter when you go outside. 73 degrees inside and 95 degrees outside, that’s a 22 degree change in temperature and it’s a shock to your system. Couple that with his habit of waiting until the last possible millisecond to take a shower so he’s already hot and sweaty before we walk out the door. It’s no wonder we don’t want to go anywhere. He’s hot and nasty and I am hot and have to listen to him complain on top of being hot. Bleh!

Last Christmas and for my birthday he asked “what do you want for your present?” My answer: “an RV.”  He laughs and I get another item of jewelry or a coach purse. I’m not complaining, ok maybe I am, but I’d much rather put that money in savings account to save for what I really want. I WANT AN RV – I WANT IT NOW, or as soon as is humanly possible. No I don’t want a hot tub in the back yard. I want a parking space for my RV. OK, I’ll park it on the hot tub deck if I have to. Hopefully it won’t come to that. I don’t want or need more stuff. I don’t have any place to put it as it stands now.

What to do, what to do. Stay off of amazon.com, start a plan, work on the plan. Take action. Everything I own is going to be put to the test from this point of view. Do I like this enough to cram in the camper and haul it around the country? If the answer is no, out it goes.

How We Met

Our love story starts out in 2003 with a man and his dog in Dallas, Texas and woman snowed in, in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m originally from Texas so the Kansas City winters were killing me. I hardly even went out to the store let alone dated. Mostly stayed at home and played online computer games. I wasn’t interested in romance at the time.

Meanwhile my husband to be was in Dallas taking his mini schnauzer for a walk. The dog, Willum, slipped his leash and ran off. Hubby to be took off after him tearing though yards and alleys. He stepped in a hole and blew out his Achilles tendon. A neighbor found the dog and brought him home. Hubby went to the hospital the next day for surgery to repair his ankle. He ended up in a wheelchair with a cast on his leg.

Months later still in a cast and going crazy from boredom, he decided to try online gaming for something to do. He found an obscure online multiplayer game and decided to try it. I was already playing that game. We met the very first night he was in the game. Somehow we hit it off and started talking. We discovered that we were both from Dallas and that he was male and I was female. An important fact to establish in a fantasy world.

It is a miracle that we met at all. Considering the fact that neither one of us was looking for a mate and neither of us left the house much. The cosmos decided to bring us together despite our every effort to remain single.

As the months went by we met and talked in the games for hours. Sometimes until 2 or 3 in the morning. We graduated to talking on the telephone. About a year later we decided to meet in person. I flew from Kansas City to Dallas thinking I was crazy to do this but what the heck. He met me at the airport with a dozen yellow roses, my favorite. I can’t say it was love at first sight because we already loved each other’s brains and hearts. The seeing part was the last thing to happen in our chain of events.

We went out to a lovely seafood restaurant, Vincent’s, and had a nice dinner and then home to his house. No sooner did we walk in the door the phone rang. It was his father on the phone. Father was hysterical because mother had eaten some bad chicken and was violently ill. So our date ended abruptly with him leaving to take his mother to the emergency room. I watched TV on the sofa a dozed on and off until he came home at 3:00 am.

I had to get back to Kansas City for work on Monday. So that was our first date in a nutshell. His parents felt so bad about the disruption that they bought me a plane ticket to come back the next month. The next visit was in March. We talked about me moving home to Texas. I wanted to come home anyway. So we did some apartment shopping and I went home to Kansas City to think it over.

He told me much later that his parents and he decided that I was a keeper after I didn’t get upset because he left our date to tend to his mother. My feeling was that you have to respect a man who cares enough for his parents to end a first date to help them.

A month later the decision I made my decision. On April 15th ,2004, he hopped in his truck and drove to Kansas City to fetch me. In the meantime I packed up and sold everything that I wasn’t taking with me. With everything I owned crammed in the back of his truck and my little Mazda we drove back to Dallas the next day.

The trip back had a few minor glitches. By the time we got to the Dallas area it as dark and I ended up following the wrong truck and exited onto another freeway. He noticed that I wasn’t behind me and called me on my cell phone. We met up in the parking lot of a restaurant that we ate in on my previous visit because I knew where it was. We made it home without further incident.

I stayed at his house for a few weeks while we apartment shopped for me. Finally one day he said “I don’t want you to go, why don’t you just stay here.” That settled it. We’ve been together for 8 years now. We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary last week. We’ve had our ups and downs because real life is not the same as a fantasy game. But we still love each other more than ever. And that’s what counts.

PS: Forgot to credit the lady at http://wwwsohowdidyoumeet.blogspot.com for the idea for this post

The Witching Hour

What is it about the middle of the night? Why do I wake in the wee hours and have a bazillion thoughts running through my head. It’s 3:00 am and I’m out on the patio. One of those strange and wonderful windy Texas nights, The trees are having a festival uninterrupted by the daytime noisy goings on. Is fall sneaking in under the cover of darkness?


Supposedly the Witching Hour is when supernatural creatures come out and the time in the middle of the night when magic things are said to happen. Works for me.

Investors have another definition of the Witching Hour. It’s the last hour of every 3rd Friday of the month when stock index options, stock options and stock index futures expire and roll to the next series. The last hour of these Fridays can be very volatile as positions are adjusted or closed out in anticipation of expiration. Volatile as in what…catch fire or explode? I get a mental picture of a smouldering meteor crater where Wall Street used to be. A great plot for a supernatural disaster movie script.

Stock Market mumbo jumbo is scarier than demons and goblins to me any day. Everyone gets so caught up in it. “Did you hear the Dow dropped eleventy million points today?” … “Well, no not until now. I almost made it through a day without hearing about it. What is your advice? Should I put a paper bag on my head and lay down in the road?”

I prefer the magical version. In the middle of the night you can wander off to another planet or destination in your mind. Or just sit there and listen to music or whatever else comes to your head. Either way, when you don’t have to torture yourself about needing to get up at an exact time, it’s a blessing.

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