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My Mother-in-Law is Mad at Me

Yea yea. Well phoeey on it! She’ll get over it I guess. Hopefully I will too, after I’m done feeling all wounded and sorry for myself. She’s probably been mad at me before, I just never found out, or forgot about it. Can’t understand why. I’m such a likable person.

I stepped over the line teasing her. She has an extremely bad case of Henny-Pennyism. The sky is falling. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. The economy will never recover. She will be standing on the corner with a pencil cup by the end of the week. The earth is falling into the sun. This is all coming from a woman who could probably afford to charter her own jet and fly around the world.

More proof that most of us, who are of sound mind and body, can make our own heaven or hell on earth just by our outlook on life. Fear is a horrible thing. It should be outlawed!

Trying to look on the bright side of this, I’m going to flip it around and remember this when I get mad at my grandson. He probably feels the same way. “Excuse me Gram, would you get outta my face?”

He’s doing very well so far, held hostage by his own mistakes, and camped out on his grandma’s sofa at the tender age of 23. I decided that he wasn’t getting up early enough this morning and considered clanging 2 pots together right next to his ear. Glad I didn’t now. Maybe a little extreme? Or maybe not.

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