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What Am I going to Do Today?

Josephine Wall Surrealism painting

This is a list for Mr. Husband and intended to answer his ever-present and eternal question, “what are you going to Do Today?” This is only applicable for a the near term future. Things will change as I change, which happens frequently. It took me 40 years of corporate life to numb my brain to the point where nothing much went on in there, comparatively speaking. Coming back to life after leaving that microcosm of weirdness won’t happen over night. It feels like waking up for a 40 year nap. I slept too long.

  • Wake up
  • Contemplate weird or vivid dreams
  • Figure out how to use the coffee maker (yes, I do this everyday)
  • If successful – drink coffee, if not drink iced tea
  • Read blogs, write blog post, read comments, make comments (in no particular order)
  • Drive grandson somewhere
  • Putter around house, tidy put away, etc.
  • Look for stuff to throw out or give away
  • Surf TV to prove again that there is nothing on.
  • Read books
  • Pickup grandson
  • Write stuff
  • Eat food
  • Read more books
  • Pickup grandson
  • Write stuff
  • Research travel ideas
  • Play Sims 3 (OK, maybe I have a god complex)
  • Eat again
  • Read books about writing (while pretending to watch TV)
  • Go to bed and read more
  • Sometimes write in bed
  • Bedtime snack
  • Sleep and dream

As errands and other day-to-day life stuff comes up it fits in there somewhere, it just happens. That’s what cell phones are for – to beep and remind you to do something or go somewhere. Oh and talk on occasionally.

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