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The Chance of Joy

The 3 Vs

The 3 Vs - at the Hostel in Seatlle

For after all he thought … it was joy they were both after – the completeness of being. If you evade suffering you also evade the chance of joy. Pleasure you get, or pleasures, but you will not be fulfilled. You will not know what it is to come home. The Dispossessed, Ursula K. Le Guin

I miss my mom and my sister! The adventures we had on our trip will be with me for life. On the train the staff started calling us the 3 V’s. It hadn’t occurred to us until then that our first names all start with V. We got a huge kick out of it and the time we spent together.

From Mom’s point of view she was traveling with her oldest and youngest daughter. From mine, I was traveling with the first person I ever laid eyes on and my sister who I’ve known since before she was born. For Sis, she was traveling with her mom and the oldest of 6 kids in the family. It was…comfortable. A weird adjective for a trip, but it fits.

We carried around our own microcosm of home and family where ever we went. Occasionally it was not a good thing, but most of the time it was our own private giggle factory. We talked our heads off or stared out the window, whatever suited our mood. Didn’t need to discuss that much. We did talk about bringing the men folk and kids on future trips, but it’s not the same kind of adventure.

Now I’m home and glad to be here. After my pity pot festival, where I did not receive the wounded road warrior welcome that I thought was the order of the day, I had to laugh at myself. Asked Mr. Husband “aren’t you glad I’m home?” He said something like “well yes, of course I’m glad you’re home. I missed you.”

To be loved and missed are great blessings. I have chanced upon joy…again. Lucky me!

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