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Wanna Talk About Something Really Scary?

You can have a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theorist. Have you ever looked at your partner and thought to yourself “who are you?” My mom said that to me once and I was dumfounded. Now I know what she meant or felt like maybe. People can be at complete polar opposites and be just as fanatical.

Found this out watching a movie with Mr. Husband last night. We watched The Whistleblower. “A drama based on the experiences of Kathryn Bolkovac, a Nebraska cop who served as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia and outed the U.N. for covering up a sex scandal.” via IMDB.com.

When it was over he quipped “well this was a fun-filled family movie night.” Just a hint of sarcasm there. Calling it a sex scandal is major understatement to describe sex trafficking and slavery.

Mr. Husband’s reaction as the credits rolled was “oh so now they are trying to blame this on George Bush and Halliburton.” WHAT? Not once was either of those mentioned. How did you come to that conclusion? “Well that’s what they meant.” UH, OK? Moving right along here.

Thinking about it later…maybe this is subconscious revenge for the tendency of Mr. Husband and others to freak out and drone on and on about the same old news every day. My reaction is “Hey! You wanna talk about something REALLY scary?” Lets take a break from talking about which politician is bopping which intern. Let’s take a break from freaking out about which moth is facing extinction in Siberia or who robbed the 7-11 and got away with 15 dollars and a bag of jelly beans. Let’s talk about the horrors that large groups of humans are committing on other large groups of human beings. Now that scares me.

The Whistleblower is based on a true story. And yes of course I am aware that Hollywood script writers take liberties with stories. That being said, on with this rant. An interesting factoid I learned is that all you need to become a U.N. Peacekeeper is a high school diploma. Then off you go to a war ravaged area a can do pretty much what you want. I like to think that the majority of men and women in these positions mean well and there are a small percentage who don’t. The bad apples. The really sicko power-tripping greedy rotten apples. No one country or ethnic group has a monopoly on them.

At one point in the movie the heroine is talking to an elderly woman who was running a shelter for young girls picked up in raids on bars and brothels. The old woman asked an interesting question. “After the war half our men were dead. Who you thing are these girl”s clients?” Er…Em…oh my. Well the clients and handlers were U.N. peacekeepers, local military and police, etc. There is big money to be made in human trafficking.

I am amazed that the woman got away with her life to tell the story. Maybe the bad guys didn’t think one little woman could do that much damage to their gravy train? I may have to read her book to get a more in-depth take on what happened.

Of course for a screen play has to have a beginning middle and end. And to sell it to Hollywood it usually has to have have the obligatory explosions, car chase, sex scene, betrayal, bizarre plot twist. But it’s hard to tell stories like this in a neat little package tied up with a pretty multimillion dollar ribbon. That being said I think the team did a good job with this movie

The U.N. Tends to be a dirty word in Mr. Husbands social circle. But I have to sheepishly admit that I don’t really understand what they do. I have fallen off the wagon of talking about these type of things because I got spooked and was afraid to speak my mind.

The unfortunately reality is that women and children are sold into slavery and sex trafficking by the thousands every day all over the world. There are vacation spots in Asia and South America who cater specifically to pedophiles. I may have a whole new attitude the next time I receive spam with text about xxhotgirlsxx. It could well be from a real life underworld much worse than hell.

So poor Mr. Husband watched this movie with me last night. I seem to have this driving need to yank him temporarily out of his suburban, protestant, upper middle class, right-wing, insulated way of life every so often. He really was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t mean it as a criticism.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s never gone hungry a day in his life. He lives in a country that has not been ravaged by war in his lifetime. He’s never lived in a ghetto or state-run housing. (warehouses for the poor) He’s never had to choose between medical care or food for his children. He has no idea what it is to be a poor single mother with no education. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. It just means he has no frame of reference to truly understand.

Sex trafficking goes on right here in the good ole U.S. of A. Runaways disappear into this nether world every day. I’d like to hear just one Bible Thumper get up on a soap box and rant about that. This is just too touchy a subject for most politicians. I don’t blame them really. It’s extremely unpleasant prospect. And what is to be done about it? I don’t know. I wish I did. All I know is that the usual finger-pointing and blame games is not going to help.

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