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Life is a Kaleidoscope

How does one would explain what life is like to a person who has never lived it. Or lived mine anyway. To me life is a Kaleidoscope. I look at everything through an ever-changing lens. Every interaction with another person or communication, every input – the lens changes. Sometimes it changes so hard and fast I hear a loud click.

Looking Through KaleidoscopeI heard that click today while reading an article in a magazine. The Scientific American Mind (behavior, brain science, insights) The article title is: Brains True Workhorses, Meet the Glia. According to the author, R. Douglas Fields, the brain cells called neurons, that we all know and love, make up only 15% of our brain. The whopping remainder, 85%, is chock full of cells called Glia. My new best best friends. I’m hooked and want to know more.

And so with great pleasure I relay this a scientific break through. I feel like the chimpanzee who was jumping up and down banging a bone on a log and discovered and drum and then music. It really is something people have known forever and 3 days. But now is the Scientific community is fessing up. Some scientist must have at least suspected this, hence the new research.

Thanks to the Glia, our brains cells have wireless connections. Well duh. And what? They didn’t know this? I am sick and tired of the “if it’s not measurable it’s not real” scenario. My usual response is it’s not measurable, yet.

This is NOT your brain. We are wireless.

If our brains have wireless connections, we are not locked in solitary confinement in our heads. There is a real possibility that we are genuinely connected to our fellow humans in previously unproven ways. Fields points out the majority of Neurologist are working with 100-year-old data. Data that states that the neurons are the only real players in our brain.  This puts my neurologist in a whole new light. I’ll try not to be too smug with the poor guy.

Alrighty then. The gist of the matter is that the gray matter in our head is not just wall spackle after all. Think about it. Our head is usually our most valuable real estate. Our thought, emotions, verbal and facial expression, sight, smell, and taste all live there. It doesn’t seem logical that this precious small space is filled with silly putty or packing peanuts.

What this does for me is take 50 years of gut knowledge that I gave up believing in and turns it on its head. As a kid I was comfortable with receiving information in a variety of forms. My favorite was that I just somehow knew it. Or thought someone told me, or dreamed about it. Over time I got tired of debates about ESP, clairvoyance, and so on. I “grew up,” learned to keep it to myself and got tired of be viewed as a kook.

Finally, the jury is in. We don’t know how we know what we know, we don’t know what we know, to begin with. Is the current version of growing up a learning process where we are taught what form of communication and info gathering is acceptable and what isn’t? For those that know, that is all we have. This knowing. Call it faith, logic, cosmic consciousness, what ever floats your boat. There is more to life, other people and our surroundings than what we think we see. WAY more.

Mothers know that there is more to a brain than goop with electrical wires running through it in our head. We can see out the back of our head. We know when there is a problem with our child when there is no empirical way to prove it. I’m ecstatic that the scientific community is catching up with and proving it. Hoorah!

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