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The Witching Hour – Part Deaux

Well ladies and gentlemens. I got my hand slapped for committing an internet atrocity called hotlinking on a post from a few days ago. The Witching Hour. Turns out the picture wasn’t even owned by the website that crabbed at me. They were ticked off that I stole their bandwidth. Sounds really uncomfortable, like a virtual wedgie or something like that.

Really liked the picture so I purchased it. With my very own plastic money. A 9 by 12 matted print which will hang in my bathroom. I can have a good laugh looking at whenever contemplating my sins while soaking in a bubble bath.

The artist of the picture is Jason Engle and his work is available at http://jasonengle.deviantart.com/ I love Deviant Art.com pictures. Some of it is dark and very much not mainstream. This is the picture that caught my eye.

The Witching Hour - jasonengle.deviantart.com

The Witching Hour

What is it about the middle of the night? Why do I wake in the wee hours and have a bazillion thoughts running through my head. It’s 3:00 am and I’m out on the patio. One of those strange and wonderful windy Texas nights, The trees are having a festival uninterrupted by the daytime noisy goings on. Is fall sneaking in under the cover of darkness?


Supposedly the Witching Hour is when supernatural creatures come out and the time in the middle of the night when magic things are said to happen. Works for me.

Investors have another definition of the Witching Hour. It’s the last hour of every 3rd Friday of the month when stock index options, stock options and stock index futures expire and roll to the next series. The last hour of these Fridays can be very volatile as positions are adjusted or closed out in anticipation of expiration. Volatile as in what…catch fire or explode? I get a mental picture of a smouldering meteor crater where Wall Street used to be. A great plot for a supernatural disaster movie script.

Stock Market mumbo jumbo is scarier than demons and goblins to me any day. Everyone gets so caught up in it. “Did you hear the Dow dropped eleventy million points today?” … “Well, no not until now. I almost made it through a day without hearing about it. What is your advice? Should I put a paper bag on my head and lay down in the road?”

I prefer the magical version. In the middle of the night you can wander off to another planet or destination in your mind. Or just sit there and listen to music or whatever else comes to your head. Either way, when you don’t have to torture yourself about needing to get up at an exact time, it’s a blessing.

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