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Thanks for the Memories

Photo Credit: Miro42 @ Flickr

Today is my last day here at the Corporation. It’s been a great run. In these years I’ve met loads of special people who are like family to me now.

We spent most of our waking hours together through good times, stressful times, good weather, bad weather, births of children and grandchildren, caring for loved ones, happy hours, deaths in our families, tantrums, and silliness.

Through all of it, the show went on. I was amazed on a daily basis by the determination, stamina, and sheer will power to get the job done that you all have.

We all stood up for each other and put up with each other on a daily basis. In between all the hard work and tedium we shared our lives.

I just want to say “Thanks for the Memories.”

A Song dedicated to you all: Danke Shoen

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