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May 28, 1994- Two Trips to “Haul Ass” – Reblog

Oh I couldn’t pass this one up. It scares me how full of and hate and holier than thou isms this poor man spews on a daily basis.

Yellow Journalism Chaps My Grits

Yellow Journalism

Children don’t need to sex education. They will figure that out soon enough. What they do need to learn is skills they need in everyday life – how to balance a checkbook, build a fire, change a tire.  Attributed to Loretta Lynn

I’m adding to that list. A journalism class should be a requirement for every living child that prides themselves on making it alive through high school. The news and journalism are a business – meaning for profit! I’m not criticizing free enterprise and I glory in the life style I am able to live because of it. BUT, what I am saying is that it is a mistake to take as gospel truth anything you are spoon fed to keep you freaked out and tuned in, logged on or what-eh-ver.

Today Will be the Worst Day of your life

Case in point. Mr. Husband, an otherwise highly intelligent man, believes everything, and I do mean everything, he hears on Fox (righty tighty, Gawd ‘n Country, but only our way) news. On the other hand my highly intelligent mother believes everything she reads on smirkingchimp.com, a mish mosh of way far left, conspiracy theory, if you’re Republican, you are delusional, type of news.

If  Mumsy went any farther left she’d come full circle and be on the right. If her and the hub-man ran into each other on their way around the far left/far right circlet of hysteria it would cause an explosion on the order of matter/anti-matter coming together The universe as we know it would come to spectacular end.

Anyone watching from another universe on a telescope would laugh and ask “What is wrong with these people? Don’t they know that the Great Pumpkin is the source of all that is true and good?”

One of the most interesting projects I had in journalism class was to take some bit if innocuous news and compare the description of the event from 2 different news sources. I chose Ford falling down the steps of Air force One and 2 Boston papers. I wish I had kept the essay. So I’m making this up as an example. Paper 1; he didn’t actually fall, he bent over to tie his shoelace. Paper 2; he didn’t fall he was given something to make him dizzy and pushed down the stairs by the opposing party in a desperate grab for power.

People tend to slant the “news” about themselves in exactly the same way. Come on, you know you do. What to listen for is a convoluted answer to a straight question. I going to use Mr. Husband as my research example. He’s handy and radical so he makes an excellent test subject.

Wifey: What Color is the sky?

Hub-man: Well yesterday, I went to the store and noticed in transit that is was sort of blue-gray, mixed with streaks of purple probably caused by those damned Democrats doing some kind of protest.

Wifey: Again, what color is the sky, now, this moment?

Hub-man: Well according to satellite imagery it will be dark and we might get hail, do you want to put your car in the garage?

Wifey (through gritted teeth): what-color-is-the-sky? Bend your neck, look up.

Hub-man (looks up): Parts of it are a bluish color, but can we really see the sky for all the liberals trying to change it? Maybe the word blue isn’t politically correct anymore?

Wifey: I give up.

Note to Mr. Husband: This is what happens to my brain when I am subjected to news programs before coffee.

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