Selective Dumb-Assery

Miss Scarlet, I don’t know nuthin’ bout birthin’ no babies. Housemaid from Gone With the Wind

Why do otherwise normal, intelligent, rational people throw their hands up in the air and claim they don’t know anything about their health or the lack thereof, and what medications they are taking? (Myself included)

Miss mother-in-law, husband and I have been on a nightmare merry go round of health issues this entire year. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I used to take ownership of my health, but somewhere along the way I let that fall by the wayside and now I’m paying a huge price for this lapse of responsibility.

If you go to the doctor they are going to give you a pill or lots of pills. That is just the way of their people. Maybe I should use reverse psychology and go to my doctor and state that I am absolutely and unequivocally NOT going to take meds for thyroid, come hell or high water. Then she would right me a script for thyroid meds so fast the paper would catch on fire. On that note I should also ask her to triple my cholesterol meds so she will tell me to stop taking them altogether.

Mother-in-law has become obsessed with her blood sugar and tests her herself 87 times a day. This is counterproductive because people’s blood sugar varies throughout the day. This is normal. I think she’s probably suffering from blood loss from all the fingers pricks.  Because of her complaining her doc doubled her diabetes meds and now she’s going around swooning from low blood sugar and getting sick from all the meds. Duh! It got so bad that Mr. Husband took her back to the doctor and he cut back on her meds. She’s feeling a bit better now. Imagine that.

I asked her one day what medications she’s taking and she said “Oh, I don’t know, I take so many of them” and then changed the subject. How’s that for passing the buck? Mr. Husband always seems to get sick when his mother gets sick. My theory is that it is stress related. When she’s freaking out about her health she gets hysterical, needy and bossy. That’s enough to make me want to run down the street screaming and ripping my hair out.

I’m going to figure my own health issues out if it’s the last thing I do!

The More I Go to Doctors the Worse I Feel!

If had known I was going to live this long…I would have taken better care of myself. Author Unknown

Going to the doctor is a lesson in frustration at best these days. And you can’t even go to one doctor anymore. You have to pick yourself apart like Frankenstein’s assistant and go to 87 different doctors. My current list is: eyes, stomach, endocrine system (diabetes), neck, foot, allergist, skin, boobs, and ears. It’s positively gruesome! Going to the doctor is a full time job. How do people who are not retired fit this all into their schedule?

Did I retire just so I have the time to take care of my body parts? Sometimes I wonder…This is just downright ridiculous. Another thing that really REALLY chaps my grits is that when I do drag myself to one of to these doctors, they don’t even freaking listen to me.

Recently I went to the doctor because I suspect that I have post-menopausal sluggish thyroid, a common problem with women my age. My symptoms point to this pretty clearly. Tired all the damned time, extremely dry skin (I could slather myself with lard and it wouldn’t help), very low “normal” body temperature (97 on a good day,) feeling cold even on a day when it’s 100 degrees, and extremely high cholesterol. I have to run a fever to get up to a normal body temp.

I explained to the doctor that cholesterol meds make me feel like I’ve been dragged behind a truck after being run over by said truck several times. And I listed the above symptoms. He hummed and hawed, said “I see” and wrote me a prescription. I foolishly assumed that it would be something to help the thyroid situation. But NOOoOOoo.

I got to the car before looking at the paper work. Not only did he not give me anything for the thyroid symptoms, he wrote me a prescription for DOUBLE the amount the cholesterol meds that I had just explained was reducing my quality of life to that of a garden slug on a bad day. I was so outraged that I wanted to storm back in the office and declare that he was so stupid that he couldn’t poor water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel of the boot. Instead I decided to fire him. He doesn’t know this and I don’t care.

So back to square one. I’m going to go back to how I used to take care of myself. Attempt to figure out attempt to treat myself and find a doctor or some sort of alternative health practitioner that listens to the patient, and not the numbers on a test recommended by drug companies.

From Facebook to Face time

Recently and with great reluctance I went back to Facebook after a 2 year boycott. It is truly a mixed bag and a mixed blessing. Facebook is weird on soooo many levels.

One thing I’m discovering is that there is a major communication breakdown that comes along with the ease of “liking” and “sharing” posts, rants, and etcetera. People will post some outrageous bit of news or quote, without expressing their own point of view on what they are sharing. Me, being the say it like I think it, will respond with something like, “UH, that’s not really funny” or “Seriously? You really believe that?” Only then they will go on to explain “yea, it’s messed up right?”

It’s an eye-opening experience. The majority behave as if they believe that everyone else believes exactly as they do. I thought it was just my immediate circle of friends, relatives, and in-laws. But I’m wrong, wrong, wrong.

I end up staring at myself in the mirror and asking if I’ve lost my mind. No I haven’t lost my mind. I’m just a very literal-minded person. I’m accused of being “liberal” but that’s not really what I am. I’m beyond conservative in many ways. However I tend to keep some opinions close to the vest because I’m not suffering from the delusion that everyone thinks like me…or even an extremely small subset of people thinks like me. Come to think of it the ONLY person who thinks exactly like me….is me.

It might make Facebook easier to navigate if you could pick your own categories for the people in your circle. Friends, close, friends, etc. doesn’t cover it. I would have categories like friends, weird relatives, in-laws, people you want to keep at arm’s length but hear from occasionally, people you want to keep an eye on because you are convinced that they are bat crap crazy, and so on. A little more flexibility with categories would be a good thing.

Another part of Facebook that has completely gone around the bend is the gaming aspect. It has turned into an Amway pyramid or Mary Kay racket. The only way to progress in the game is to invite “friends” and get them to play too. The game masters want this because the games cost money to play now. What happened to a little mindless solitaire just to unwind?

Ok that’s all for my Facebook rant today. I’m going to go to Facebook and post this rant!

A Rabid Dog is Not a “Manageable Problem”

I’m not sure if incredulity is a strong enough word. But, my mouth is hanging open over the Obama’s statement that we can “control” ISIS. I usually try to take the evening news with a healthy grain of salt, but this is just downright ridiculous.

I didn’t have to grow up on a farm or anything to know that some animals are beyond redemption and the kindest thing to do is put them down. A second journalist was beheaded and posted on Twitter. I think this is a strong back up of the ISIS statement: “We will drown you in blood.” I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to get drowned in blood. It sounds extremely unpleasant.

We as Americans tend to live here in our bubble of safety and think this won’t happen to us. But it’s getting to the point where all one has to do is be in the wrong place at the wrong time for things to go horribly wrong.

What kind of message are we putting out there when all we do is talk about forming a strategy when our citizens are being beheaded and the pictures posted on the internet for the entire world? It seems to me is what we are saying is “hey commit all the atrocities you want because all we’re going to do is form a committee to discuss the possibility of formulating a strategy of what we will talk about.” What we will not do is take any kind of action. Sheesh.

Does Our Right to Life Cease at Birth?

If I should take a notion to jump into the ocean
Ain’t nobody’s business if I do. Billy Holiday

Follow the rules. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t ever think of yourself, only of others. Stay the course. Follow the mainstream. Work all your life only to retire and then spend the rest of your days in frantic search of some way to serve others, whether they want it or not. Think only the good of the collective we, even if you don’t quite understand who the we is.

Don’t ask questions. Never question authority. Never think of yourself or for yourself, this is the ultimate evil…so we are told. Believe what “they” say even if it doesn’t make any kind of logical sense. Who are we to struggle to understand the un-understandable? Let someone else do your thinking for you. Leave it to the experts. Let others tell you what to think and how to live. What right does one man or woman have to think that their individual silly little opinion matters? Spend every penny of someone else’s money for the collective good of humanity.

What trips me up is that often the very same kind of people who champion the right to life of an embryo will turn on you in a heartbeat if you assert your “right to life” after you are born. By right to life in this instance I mean the right to live my life in the manner of my own choosing. I am NOT asserting that it is anyone else’s responsibility to provide me with anything.

I’m on a rant today about the increasing amount of nanny laws that the some members of government are imposing on us…the USA…an allegedly free country. MY MONEY (taxes) is used to impose laws that are ridiculous, and let’s just call it what it is. They have no damned right to do it! Thou shalt not…smoke cigarettes, eat trans-fat, supersize thy soft drink, drink alcohol (oh wait, now it’s supposed to be good for us to drink in moderation) eat too much sugar, or park the “wrong” way in front of my own house.

I can see where some of this is coming from. Since 55% of our U.S. population is asserting that is a basic human right to have free healthcare, free running water, free heat, free everything, of course we should step in and tell people how to live. I don’t know what they are teaching kids in school today, but I’d bet money that no one tells them that there is no such thing as a free lunch. After all, someone is actually footing the bill – the ever shrinking percentage of people who are required to pay taxes. The funny part is that the part of the population that is paying for this “free” ride does not want this never ending stream of gratuitous and idiotic laws passed in the first place.

In my opinion there is a very small distinction between an armed robber and tax man. The robber says “give me all your money.” The tax man says “give me half you money…every day.” And if you have the unmitigated gall to make more money then you have to give me even more of your money…every day. If you don’t you’ll go to prison. Quite frankly, I’d rather get robbed; at least it’s over and done with. Furthermore, if I manage to elude the robber, they can’t take me to court and steal everything I own because I didn’t fork over my wallet.


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